Maya Angelou; a great soul passes on!


Photo Credit: Tony A. Gaskins Jr on Facebook

“Our loving thoughts accompany and strengthen you as you stand in the threshold of your father’s Creation!
Adieu and joyful experiencing to a gem that lived among us!”

—a tribute

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Embrace the Weird

Question. Listen. Think. Reflect.

I love TED Talks. I always learn something new, and they make the time on the treadmill go by really quickly. Yesterday I stumbled upon a talk given by Martin Davidson.

His talk, full of humor, is about being “little w” and “capital W” weird and it’s brilliant. If you’ve seen TED Talks before then I do not need to beg you to watch this video. If you have never seen a TED Talk, I implore you to take 20 minutes, during lunch or a coffee break, to tune in and imagine a world where we could all be as “Weird” as we were meant to be.

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Eat For Happiness


We all want to feel our best and feel happy. Some days we can feel down and fed up, some of us may even suffer from depression. What you may not realize is that these feelings of depression or simply feeling down can be combated with the food we eat.

Have you ever felt that tired lethargic feeling when you couldn’t be bothered to get up and do anything? Our brains require sugar in the form of glucose to stay alert and efficient. Sadly when we feel down like this we tend to reach for the easiest option such as refined sugar in chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. While these foods offer us a sugar hit and energy boost, we also suffer the after effects and a slump in blood sugar levels.

These swings from high sugar to low sugar accentuate our mood swings and can leave us feeling worse than before our sugar binge. So what foods are the best to eat for a steady mood and feeling of happiness?

We need to focus on foods which promote the production of serotonin. Serotonin is released within our brain and is our natural feel good hormone. Foods which promote this feel good hormone are;


Brown rice


Green vegetables – such as broccoli, peppers and sugar snap peas

Garlic and cinnamon  – they help to regulate insulin production which will in turn regulate sugar levels.

Turkey and yogurt (perhaps not together) are great sources of tryptophan. Tryptophan is released before serotonin and aids the production of this wonderful feel good hormone.

Eggs, avocados and almonds all contain amino acids, they help our body produce dopamine which can give our brains a feel good boost.

Supplement That Boosts Serotonin

The new rules for exceptional Leadership.

Neale Lewis - Gazelles Coach

Robin Sharma

I had the great pleasure to meet Robin Sharma at the recent Fortune Leadership Summit in Orlando. He   delivered a great key note around the theme of new rules for exceptional leadership based on his book, The Leader Who Had No Title.

Robin Sharma believes there are certain skills and attitudes that allow you to rise to extraordinary success. In his powerful new parable, he offers a story designed to help people from all walks of life to achieve great things.

In the opening part of his address he opened to our minds to a new way of thinking around Leadership:

  • Leadership is not about your title, or your office; it is a way of thinking!   Everyone can show Leadership..
  • Leadership is what you do when no one is watching..
  • How excellent are you when you are the only person in the office…. How passionate are you about…

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